I was trying to remember why I didn’t remember the Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber breakup. Neither of them have ever been scandalous, so I thought that was it. Then I looked at the date: they separated September 26, 2016. That same week – September 20, 2016 – the biggest celebrity breakup of the decade hit: Brad and Angelina. For Naomi and Liev, it was purposefully quiet separation.

And it’s remained quiet. This is why when I see them together, I don’t think about reconciliation. I don’t think about their personal lives at all, which is exactly what they are hoping for. They might not be Brange-level on the celebrity scale, but they are too very well-regarded working movie actors who do not show up at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch every year. I have no idea what their children are called. Their disinterest in being discussed has made me genuinely not want to discuss them.

But I do want to talk about her dress. Dior. I love it. Before we break down her style, here is the runway look for reference. It’s better on Naomi, because of the styling choices. She lightened it up with a keyhole cuff (is that the right term for her jewelry? I’m going with it). It’s difficult to make a black dress feel light but this feels so light, perfect for early fall. The billowy sleeves cuff right at the perfect spot (3/4 sleeves are so underrated) and the striped piping gives it some interesting texture and detail. Also, judging by the runway shot, it looks like she might have gone up a size – it’s a little looser on Naomi than it is on the model. Great choice. No one ever wants to go a size up and I say why not? Sometimes it relieves stiffness around the shoulders.

And usually I would say no to a belt because “accentuating the waist” feels old-fashioned, but I love what she did with the belt here. It’s thick (and maybe velvet?), so it doesn’t feel dainty.

She finished it with leather and velvet platform sandals. I want these very, very much. Prada. Sold out, of course.

Her beauty choices are on point too, with a red lip and undone hair. It’s really the perfect look for a weekday gala event to benefit an art museum, right? She could have shown up in a ho-hum nude sequins dress but chose this. Major style points to Naomi.

And I wonder if this will be a new area of focus for her? She was at New York Fashion Week with Nicole Kidman – they attended the Michael Kors show in complementary looks. She also attended the Dior show in Paris and for The Glass Castle press events, chose Fendi, Zac Posen and Rochas.

For a very long time Naomi has had top-tier access – she is getting dressed by the big names on a consistent basis. But her style hasn’t been consistent – oftentimes, she can blend into the background (and perhaps that is by choice). If she is making moves to be seen as more of a risk-taker and major fashion player, I would be so into that. If we look at the crop of current movie stars – Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander, Brie Larson – there are a lot of safe choices. There is room for more curious, inventive red carpet looks, but Emma Stone and Ruth Negga can’t do it all. I would love to see Naomi follow in Nicole’s footsteps and show up with toucans on her shoulders. This is a case where fashion could certainly be used to boost a successful career and give us a sense of who Naomi is, without sacrificing privacy.

Has Naomi ever covered American Vogue? That might be a stretch this year, but if I’m her publicists, I’m booking 73 Questions.