It’s the Game of Thrones reunion you’ve been waiting for! No direwolves or dragons are involved. Still interested? How about Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa starring in a remake of Twins? A fan suggested it at a convention to Jason and he wants in. For years, though, they’ve been trying to put together a Twins sequel, called Triplets, with Danny DeVito returning alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Eddie Murphy as the third long-lost brother. So which one, if any, would you want to see first? (Dlisted) 

There have been back to back stories on this week about Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney and their relationship. Nothing is really all that “exclusive”. Like the part about her being so excited to marry him. What other feeling is there? As for Cooke not caring that she’s famous, like she’s actually marrying some regular dude – you can’t be a regular dude to get into Jennifer Lawrence’s orbit, please. Before meeting her he was hanging out with Stavros Niarchos and other very wealthy people. He already wasn’t “regular” before they met. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love this look on Naomi Watts – and the Fug Girls are right about it being a throwback to the early aughts…except for one big difference: in the early aughts, we would have worn this with platform sandals or kitten heel sandals for some (no thanks) or those weird Camper shoes that so many people in Vancouver got into. Was it just Vancouver? (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you’ve had a rough week, you need this today. If you’ve had a good week, you still need this today. Every single one of these videos and images is happiness. And a reminder to me personally that every other animal is more clever than the two dogs I live with. (Pajiba) 

Just when you thought this story wasn’t a story – and it was the story NO ONE WAS ASKING FOR – they’re actually trying to make the Justin Bieber-Tom Cruise MMA fight happen. Or at least they’re trying to convince us that it could be real. Or they really want it to be real and trying whatever they can to make it real? On our list of things we want to submit to the Gossip Genie … is this really one of them? (TMZ) 

We will probably talk about this some more but this Judge Judy profile is the BEST THING ON THE INTERNET today. Especially the inclusion of the ponytail in the title! (New York Times)