Gwyneth Paltrow and goop will pay for the eggs. Those vagina eggs have cost the company, even though the spin here is that they’re not admitting wrongdoing, they just want to move on and learn from…what, exactly? Not a mistake, in their eyes. In their eyes, this was a necessary and strategic business decision. So, going forward, they’ll just be smarter about “wording” things probably. Which actually scares me even more. Because if we’ve learned anything the last few years it’s that words, well, people misuse and abuse them. (Dlisted) 

Naomi Watts’s stylist promised us there would be a lot of looks and we’ve gotten so many great looks from Naomi in Venice. I think I’ve enjoyed her casual, streetwear items more than the carpet dresses. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The Rock is really into baking. This is great because I am also really into baking. Baking is my meditation. I like how precise it is. I like that when you’re baking, you can only bake. Or at least that’s how it works with me because I’m so nervous, worried about f-cking up the measurements, and precise measurements are the key to baking, you can’t freestyle bake – at least not yet, not at my level. Is The Rock a freestyle baker? (Cele|bitchy) 

Are you Lara Jean? Kathleen’s convinced she is totally Lara Jean. But is she over 80% Lara Jean? Lara Jean who? IF YOU ARE ASKING THIS QUESTION, YOU NEED TO SORT OUT YOUR LIFE PRIORITIES. Anyway, I am 56% Lara Jean. Which means Peter Kavinsky will never love me. (Buzzfeed) 

Plaid for fall. Get some. Because it’s so cute and it’s everywhere. Yes, the OG on this is Cher from Clueless. But… the current inspiration is kind Lara Jean Covey too, non? (The Cut) 

Are you one of those people who knows every episode of Seinfeld? I’m not. Are you one of those people who knows every episode of The Office? British version, yes. American version, no. Anyway, here’s John Krasinski’s favourite. (Vulture)