Excellent arrival outfit to start the Venice Film Festival where she’s on the jury. Like it couldn’t be more perfect. I really, really love this dress on Naomi Watts. Even though it’s technically baby blue, the colour is dull enough that to me it’s reading closer to grey. Love that the double stripe on the bottom of the skirt matches the lining around the collar. Love the jacket worn around her shoulders – this is a much better way to do it, please tell Meghan Markle. And, yes, finishing it all off with the hat but it’s the sneakers that really pull it all together. This, to me, is the kind of look that Meghan has tried to go for at times…but somehow misses the style vibe.  

Really looking forward to what Naomi will be showing us through the festival. Her stylist, Jeanann Williams, talked to THR about Naomi’s wardrobe over the next 12 days:

Be prepared to see the Twin Peaks actress in “flowing, comfortable, beautiful gowns, mixed with chic flats and great hats.” Yes, hats! Williams says the dresses will be reminiscent of the 1940s and '50s with florals.

“Her notes to me were definitely, ‘I want hats, sunglasses and flats,’ says Williams. "Expect to see a lot of the season's best flats because she's like, ‘Jeanann, I'm watching three or four films a day and I need to be comfortable on and off boats.” Also requested: sandals and sneakers for comfort.

“You might see her in a beautiful Valentino gown in the day, but she's going to wear it with a gladiator sandal or a sneaker,” adds Williams.

The key here is “wearable”. She wants to be chic but it also has to be “wearable” because she’s working. This is practical. I’m excited.