It’s not just my birthday – it’s also Kathleen’s engagement announcement day! Please note, her hand is much more naturally posed than Princess Beatrice’s. And this is a selfie! Congratulations Kathleen and J! PS It’s also J’s birthday today. More proof that today is the best day. And tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday. BirthWEEKEND.


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There’s some political f-cksh-t happening in America. What a stupidly basic ass thing to say, Lainey. That is, sadly, the default state these days. Anyway, the current f-cksh-t has to do with the US president and whether or not he was putting political pressure on a foreign to leader to investigate his presumed rival in the election and all kinds of other mess and….guess what? Maybe Ashton Kutcher is here to solve it. Sure, this is exactly what everyone needs. (Dlisted) 

At TIFF 2018, I was at a junket, talking to a publicist, and she was talking to me about the candle-making trend. Apparently there were several celebrities who’d been coming to Toronto undercover to make candles and it was something that might get really popular. Kim Kardashian is on it now. So this tracks. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m with the Fug Girls. I did not see this coming on Natalie Portman. The dress looks amazing on her. Really, really good. But I can’t tell if she’s feeling herself or if she’s not feeling herself and uncomfortable. I’m gonna go with she’s feeling herself. She knows she’s killing it and surprising people and is serving some face. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Jonah Hill might be in the Millennial Batman movie with Robert Pattinson as one of the villains but he’s taking his sweet time deciding on which villain. Also he might be getting paid $10 million for it. And that could be more than Robert Pattinson. That’s my question: is Jonah Hill playing the Batman villain worth that much money? Do the people who answer “yes” to that question greatly outnumber the people who say “no”? (Pajiba) 

It’s my birthday so this is perfect because today is a great day to remind us all of how much Justin Timberlake loves himself.. He posted a video to Instagram of him hitting an awesome golf shot – because of course he did. And OF COURSE he made people clap for him, like it’s a concert. On a golf course. I don’t dispute that that he’s good. The point here is that he couldn’t f-cking wait to tell you how good he is. How many times do you think he watched this back? (Golf Channel)