When Natalie Portman joined Instagram a few weeks ago, Maria observed in Smutty Social Media that her handle was @nportmanofficial because a fan account had already taken @natalieportman. Natalie Portman’s official Instagram is now @natalieportman. So either the fan voluntarily gave that up or was compensated for giving it up. 

Here’s Natalie playing tennis today in LA. She’s been photographed often at the tennis court lately. Tennis is her thing right now, she’s taking lessons. Not that it matters, but I approve. I love tennis. When I play tennis though, I can’t keep my sunglasses on. Even when I golf I can’t keep my sunglasses on. I feel like I don’t see the ball right when my shades are still on. How is she playing with her sunglasses on? If you don’t have this problem, please advise on how I can fix mine. 

In other Natalie news, she’s hosting Saturday Night Live in February as she’ll be promoting Annihilation. She hasn’t hosted since 2006 which is also when she performed that now infamous Digital Short. You know the one. It’s when she rapped. Which is the last time we saw her go full gangster. That is until she threw that “all male nominees” shade at the Golden Globes. 

Is that the Natalie who will show up on SNL on February 3?