Russian Doll season two is now available on Netflix. Like almost everyone else, I loved the first season, and while I’ve heard mixed reaction to the second season, I will 100% watch, no doubt, one of the reasons being that Greta Lee apparently has a bigger role this time around. And also, of course, always, Natasha Lyonne. We’ll talk more about Russian Doll when we’ve all had a chance to binge. 


For now…

Natasha’s been promoting the show all week – here she is in New York this morning in …well… the perfect jumpsuit. Perfect because everything about this look is all her energy, a 70s energy happening here from the outfit itself to the sunglasses and the platforms and the bag – I LOVE every single detail. 

Natasha Lyonne in NYC on April 20, 2022

And especially THAT HAIR. HAIR!!!

The hair was a thing when the first season came out. And the hair is back for the second season and is just as amazing. Not as red as we typically associate with Russian Doll and maybe not as wide, like in volume? Slightly longer too. But the vibe is there. God I want a perm and a bang cut so bad now.