I really, really love this look on Marion Cotillard in Cannes. A striped tee always does it for me, but she’s wearing hers under a pair of designer overalls and adorable heart-shaped sunglasses with her hair looking like she just got out of the shower and it’s fresh and fun and now I miss a black nail polish because it has been a WHILE, so I think even though I avoid black on my nails for summer, I might do a week of black, just for kicks. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This is amazing to me – a dog playing with a raccoon, and it’s not just a one-time thing but a regular date. When it comes to regular dates with raccoons, our back deck is known to be the date place for raccoons in late winter. And if there’s been a raccoon that’s visited overnight, one of our dogs, Barney, will wake up jacked that morning, even before we open the door, because he’ll smell it and want to go defending his territory. I have been caught in between Barney and a raccoon several times, each time terrifying. No one was trying to play in those situations. (Dlisted) 

There is no way I was ever going to scroll past the title of this post and not click. “Conan wants you to tell Regis’s name during sex”. Sold. (Pajiba) 

Princess Serene Charlene of Monaco has not been in Monaco with Prince Albert and their children for almost two months. She recently released a statement from South Africa saying it was for medical reasons and now she’s posting photos on Instagram of her FaceTiming with her kids. Given, um, the history of this relationship, even though all that talk has been pretty quiet over the last few years, some gossips are suspicious about how weird this all is. What’s happening here? Is anything happening here? (Cele|bitchy) 


You know what happens when you google “Zaila Avant-garde”? It just happened to me. The screen explodes with “murraya” confetti. Zaila did that. Anyway, after spelling everything and becoming the National Spelling Bee champion last week, Zaila Avant-garde went to the ESPYs as a guest, but maybe, one day, she’ll be back as a nominee and a winner, because Zaila will be offered scholarships everywhere. She already has been offered a full ride at LSU for her spelling but, remember, spelling is just a hobby, a second priority for Zaila. She wants to play basketball at Harvard. And then maybe work for NASA or coach in the NBA. I mean, yeah, all of the above. (CNN)