This was inevitable. Apple Martin, the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, is now a “Chanel girl”. And you thought the nepo baby conversation was over, lol. (PEOPLE) 


Apparently everybody is talking about “pregnancy nose” on TikTok. Is this a real thing? I already dislike my nose so it’s another reason I feel good about the personal decision we made years ago to not have children. That said, I have never noticed anyone in my life with “pregnancy nose”. If you’ve ever had a “pregnancy nose”, please send before and after pics. Just between you and me. (Cele|bitchy) 

Tom Brady now has six months of nothing to do except answer questions about whether or not he’s going to finally retire and not unretire. His last decision to unretire was one of the big reasons his marriage fell apart. He seems like the kind of person who’d be determined to keep playing until he wins another ring, just so he doesn’t have to admit to regret. (Dlisted)

Marion Cotillard used to be with Dior and when that relationship ended, she ended up wearing a lot of Chanel, which suits her. I love her in these Chanel overalls. If there’s anyone who could pull these off, it’s her. Kristen Stewart could make them work too. But not Penelope Cruz or Margot Robbie. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Like Andrew Sanford, I too can’t believe it’s been ten seasons of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I love the show. I miss it when the show’s not on. So I can’t wait for the season ten premiere. (Pajiba)