Phoebe Dynevor covers Elle. I did not know she is a nepo baby. (Her dad is a screenwriter and her mom was on long-running series Coronation Street.) Brits probably already knew this. (Go Fug Yourself)


There is a love triangle on Love Is Blind. If you, like me, only absorb reality dating shows second-hand, here’s an explainer. (Popsugar)

Senator Dianne Feinstein passed away at 90. Condolences to her family and loved ones, but when a public servant dies, the immediate question is who fills her seat. The California Democratic party has clearly been angling for Rep. Adam Schiff to take her seat in the senate, I won’t be surprised if Gavin Newsome, governor of California, names him as her interim replacement. In the safely blue districts like Feinstein’s, though, I’d love to see the party promote more progressive candidates. Pipe dreams! (Celebitchy)

A breakdown of the knotty rights of Yellowstone, and how Peacock is trolling CBS/Paramount by running ads for Yellowstone on streaming while CBS airs years-old (edited) reruns to fill time during the strike delays. This is a case of “two people I don’t like shoving each other into the mud”. (Pajiba)


As Maria mentioned the other day, Kristen Stewart is producing a queer ghost-hunting show. Look, I want to believe in ghosts SO BADLY, but ghost hunting shows are almost intolerable, the people are inevitably grating and scream at EVERYTHING. The only exception are the Buzzfeed Unsolved/Watcher guys, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, who consistently make their ghost hunting entertaining and sort of informative about the history of the places they visit. They’re currently doing Ghost Files on their own Watcher network on Youtube, it’s worth checking out. I hope KStew’s show is in that vein of combining history, travelogue, and goofing off with “spirits”, but we’ll see. (Youtube)