Dear Gossips, 

What are you doing on June 18? I already know. Because I live in Toronto, where we are six days into (another) 28 day stay-at-home order, which means that even if the situation improves, it won’t be better in eight weeks to the point where I’ll actually have real plans that weekend other than making my grocery list and binge-watching… 


Elite Season 4!

Netflix announced the release date this week with a teaser introducing us to the new characters after the departure of Lu, Nadia, Carla, and Polo. And this is going to be the challenge for the show, at least from my perspective. Because Lu, Nadia, and Carla were my holy trinity. So how are they going to get over the loss of those three? Three is the operative number… 

Love triangles, obviously. 

Guzman and Samuel seem to be setting up for a love triangle situation which… given that I hate Samu so much, automatically this isn’t working for me because I’ll never buy that the new girl is actually going to be torn because of these two. But I am very, very concerned about Ander and Omar. They’ve already been through so much!


If none of this makes sense to you, well, that’s a good thing. Because it means you know nothing about Elite which means you still get to experience it. This is young adult, high school drama, scandal, and murder. It’s extra as f-ck, and sexy as f-ck. Look at this trailer. 


Now that’s a good trailer. The vibe of this trailer is what the Oscar trailer needed. Elite, everyone. Get on it if you haven’t already. Because there’s so much to obsess over. 

Yours in gossip,