What. Is. This. Madness? First Dominic West plays Prince Charles on The Crown and now Rufus Sewell is playing Prince Andrew in another Netflix project and for all the people who were all like, Netflix is out to get the British royal family…. excuse me, how? By GENEROUSLY casting attractive actors to play them? (Cele|bitchy)  


Who will be Dlisted’s Hot Slut of 2022? I voted for Freya. (Dlisted)

I had no idea Evangeline Lilly cut her hair this short, or I didn’t remember it, and I certainly don’t remember her going this blonde and I can’t decide if I like it on her but that may be because of the colour of this dress… or just this dress in general. Not doing it for me. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I don’t think I have good pop culture eyes because I didn’t even clock when I was watching You People that the kiss between Jonah Hill and Lauren London wasn’t real. I’m only seeing it now because it’s been put right up in my face. Anyway apparently they spent CGI money on it. And now, obviously, the internet wants to know why. (Pajiba) 

Jamie Lee Curtis’s new interview with Vanity Fair as the Oscar voting period approaches. I think Best Supporting Actress is a tight race; Angela Bassett might have a slight lead…but it’s too close to call at this point. (Vanity Fair)