Yesterday in the site open, I wrote about my new series obsession, Physical: 100, Netflix’s new physical challenge reality competition show produced in Korea. The show is bananas. The production value is bananas. The competitors are hot AF. And the competitors beat the sh-t out of each other but somehow it’s sweet and soft afterwards? Like I said, I am addicted to it and can’t stop talking about it. And as noted at the end of my post yesterday, even though the show is topping the Canadian Netflix charts and in the top five around the world, it could still keep climbing, and I wondered when and if it’s going to go next level.



Physical: 100 just got a huge boost. 

Because just a few minutes before I started writing this, BTS’s Jungkook just livestreamed himself eating fried chicken at home and watching Physical: 100. Did I conjure this, lol. 

I’m sure by now I don’t have to tell you what this means. Jungkook is sometimes referred to as “Sold Out King” because he’s been known to inadvertently talk about something – a drink or a product – or wear something – a sweater, a hat – and then…well… SALES. Big sales. A few years ago he casually mentioned on a livestream that he uses Downy fabric softener, resulting in a shortage of Downy in several Asian markets for like two months. 


So JK just did Netflix a solid. Guaranteed thousands if not millions of ARMY will be streaming Physical: 100 at some point this weekend. And while their introduction to it might be because of JK, the hook here is the show. It’s a really compelling show. I’m telling you – set aside some time because you won’t be able to stop. And then you’ll be mad because they’re only releasing two episodes a week. 

Back to Jungkook though – it totally tracks that he’d be so into it. Of all seven members of BTS, Jungkook is the one who’s most into fitness and exercise. He’s a black belt in taekwondo. He boxes. He’s often at the gym. He’s known as probably the most athletic member of the band. So Physical: 100 is totally his thing. 

His thing, this week at least, appears to be livestreaming, though. Two days ago he was on live for four hours. For four hours between Weverse and Instagram, JK just turned on his camera, hung out with his dog, sang karaoke, answered questions from fans, talked about what he’s been up to lately, V jumped on for a while, it was the middle of the night in Korea, and it sent social media into a meltdown, becoming the third most-watched IG live of all time, and the last time I checked it, he was dominating the worldwide trending topics on Twitter with almost two million tweets. 

He's at it again today – right now Twitter is clocking it at 700K tweets for his Physical: 100 + fried chicken stream. So congratulations, Netflix. Has someone told their social media team?