David Koma’s new collection is apparently Cher inspired, and you can tell. But now I’m thinking about who I can see wearing these pieces and one name came to mind first: Jennifer Lopez. I could see her in every single one of these pieces, from the first black and silver dress, to the bra top and jeans, definitely the halter dress with the flowers over the nipples, and the yellow slinky number for sure. All of it. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Sexy Beasts is Netflix’s new dating show and… the f-ck?! I say this but you know what’s going to happen: same sh-t that happens with all dating shows, it’ll be a major hit. Because there’s a big audience for dating shows. That’s why they keep making them. That’s why they have to keep thinking up crazier and crazier ideas for them. (Dlisted) 

I just had a tuna salad for lunch. At least I think it was tuna? It came out of a can. I love tuna. I love tuna melts, I love tuna anything. Sometimes I add a tuna to a can of corn and call it a meal, a great meal. So the tuna sub is my go-to from the place that probably a lot of people get their tuna subs. I LOVE a tuna sub from Subway…but apparently the news is telling me it’s not really tuna? If it’s not tuna, what is it?! (Cele|bitchy) 


Brian Williams is no longer NBC’s main news person, and the demotion was justified, but now that he’s on MSNBC, he’s been able to be a lot more… snide, is a good word for it, as Dustin writes at Pajiba. It’s informative and entertaining. (Pajiba) 

So I haven’t read this yet but I’m about to mainline it: Nicholas Braun’s interview with The Cut – “brushes with our celebrity crushes” sounds about right. (The Cut)