Dear Gossips,

HBO released a trailer for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones yesterday with no new footage, confirming only that the last six episodes will air in April 2019, which we already knew, because with the exception of Season 7, the show is almost always on in April. An April premiere also means GoT will be eligible for Emmy nominations and that’s how they want to go out – on top of the ratings and with all the awards. 

Still, despite the fact that there was zero new information, GoT or #ForTheThrone was trending for hours afterwards. Well, that’s just showing off. And it’s going to happen again, whenever they decide to drop another teaser, probably again with no new footage, and only with the exact date in April specified. Not going to lie – I think I enjoy this kind of power flex. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to be mad and not f-cking watch. They’ve gone to great lengths thus far to make sure that nothing leaks, filming fake-out scenes so that fans can’t guess what happens, locking down scripts with the most sophisticated encryption, mind-controlling the actors so that they don’t give away secrets; I’m joking about the last part but also… not really. The priority for them right now is not to inform us. It’s to protect the story. Any new footage would be unpacked, analyzed down to every last nano-parcel, whatever you want to call it. Any new footage would be microscopically examined on Reddit. It’s a compliment, really, to the people who’ve obsessively theorized about how the series will conclude. The showrunners know that they’ve been so good at it, they can’t take any chances. I wonder, does HBO have a dedicated staff-person, or staff-persons checking Reddit every day to see if they’ve been compromised? Did they plant a staff-person or persons on Reddit to throw people off? 

For all this secrecy though, it better be good. What’s interesting about that is that “good” probably looks different for me than it does for you. Good for some of you means that Daenerys and Jon Snow will end up together even though she is his aunt. Good for me means that we’ll get a shot of the two of them dragon-riding side-by-side obliviously, blissfully and ignorantly in love, and in the next scene, Tyrion gets to break the bad news to Dany that she’s been f-cking her nephew. DRAMA! 

Good for you means that, I dunno, Jorah Mormont will die heroically because you people for some reason actually like him? I don’t get it. Good for me means that now sensible Sansa will take one look at him, declare him a perv, and feed him to Ramsay Bolton’s dogs. Good for me would also mean that Sansa is the eventual winner of the Game of Thrones. Isn’t Sansa the one who’s come through?! 

Whatever. We still have five months to yell at each other about this. We should probably take the next five months to go back and watch it all over again, like homework. That was, after all, the primary intent behind this trailer. 

Here's Kit Harington out today in London. 

Yours in gossip,