If you had no gossip background, if you didn’t know what we know about Leonardo DiCaprio, and the magic number 25, and all the models, maybe you would see these pictures and think – oh, look at that movie star, like so many movie stars in their 40s, playing with his children at the beach. 


Someone would have to “well, actually” you. That those are definitely not his children. Because children, for a lot of people, mean commitment. And this is a word that has a very specific definition where Leo is concerned. That said, there are those who are holding out on Leo, who think that eventually, Leo will be like George Clooney and Warren Beatty before him. That it’s just a matter of time before Leo finds the “right” person and settles down and actually stays in a relationship with someone who ages beyond 25 years old. And I wonder if pictures like this fuel that fantasy. To be clear, it’s not a fantasy for me, but probably there are those out there who do have a fantasy of being The One for Leo. Or the fantasy that this is gossip dress rehearsal for the day these kids aren’t his friends’ kids but his own. 

Is this our gossip future? And if you really believe that, give me a timeline. Two years? Six months? Five years? 

In other Leo news, last week I posted about Ben Affleck’s new film – he’ll co-write, direct, and produce the movie adaptation of The Big Goodbye, Sam Wasson’s book about the making of Chinatown. Apparently the project will attract major A list talent so someone will have to play Jack Nicholson. Um… is this a lock for Leo? I feel like he’s been waiting to play Jack Nicholson for 20 years. Or maybe it’s too obvious?