The New York Times mixed up Venus and Serena Williams which is a HUGE gaffe for the US’s paper of record concerning two of the US’s most famous athletes of the last twenty years. As if you needed any more proof that editors are important and newspapers have shot themselves in the foot by gutting their editorial departments, here is an instance where a photo editor would have paid off. (Celebitchy)


I saw these photos from the Moschino runway show and also made Beauty and the Beast jokes, so I very validated that the Fuggirls are in tune with this. Who’s going to be the first celeb to hit an event dressed like cursed furniture? (Go Fug Yourself)

Marilyn Manson is suing Evan Rachel Wood for defamation, among other things, for naming him as her abuser. One of his specific allegations is that Wood posed as a fake FBI agent to try and turn other women against him. Several other women have come out and accused Manson of abuse over the last few years, basically he’s saying Wood engineered it all to ruin him (which kinda sounds like something an allegedly narcissistic abuser would say). Well, it should be interesting to see him make that case in court, anyway. (DListed)

Bob Odenkirk went on Howard Stern to promote his memoir, and talked about the time Steven Seagal hosted SNL. It’s one of the most legendarily awful episodes of the show, and Odenkirk sheds some light on how it came to be so terrible. A big part of it, apparently, is that Seagal had never seen SNL and did not understand it. That dude truly just lives in his own alternate reality. (Pajiba)


The hot pod of the moment is The Trojan Horse Affair, co-produced by the Serial team and co-hosted by Hamza Syed and Brian Reed (of S Town fame), the podcast delves into the case of a 2013 letter that stated there was an Islamist plot to infiltrate schools in Birmingham, UK and run them along Islamist lines. The letter prompted a massive investigation in the UK, with far-reaching effects, but…it was a hoax. Syed and Reed investigate to discover who wrote the letter and why, and to better understand the chain of events following its delivery, and Affair is a gripping, evocative listen. But they are getting HUGE pushback from the media establishment, especially in the UK. The UK press? Biased? Who never said so??? (Vulture)