W Magazine’s latest feature ahead of the Emmys is to have the stars of current tv series pose as their favourite characters from their favourite television shows. It’s a great idea and some of these pictures are amazingly unexpected. And also amazingly hilarious. Like … I’m sorry… but Adam Scott is NOT giving Sam from Cheers but I’m not sorry he did it because LOL forever. 


Sienna Miller in the next slide over, however, as Patsy Stone is excellent. Same goes for Jung Ho-yeon as Arya Stark…

…though to be honest, part of me was hoping to see her as a famous character from a Korean drama. Not because she’s Korean but because the viewership for some of the most popular Korean dramas easily matches if not exceeds the viewership for a lot of the shows that are being showcased in this feature. Like Crash Landing On You. I’m imagining Ho-yeon as Captain Ri from that series and it would have been so good. 


Jessica Biel chose a male character for her portrait – here she is as Don Draper and I appreciate that they kept the cigarette… because it’s a Mad Men signature. PSA: smoking is bad, don’t do it. 

As for the best of the best – Nicole Byer as Michelle Tanner just about killed me. It’s the flowers pinned to the overalls and the expression on her face. I wish I could hear her saying it. Saying what? You know what. “You got it, dude!” 


And finally, “Texas forever”, of course Nicholas Braun as Tim Riggins, and I wish I could hear him saying that too. 


It is…not working for me, at least not in that way. But for the comedy of it? 100%. So here’s the inevitable question: when is Nicholas Braun going to host Saturday Night Live? He’s made a cameo appearance but he hasn’t officially guest-hosted. And I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t want to or that he wouldn’t be on the list. 

Maybe when season four comes out…which is…?

They’re filming right now. And as we all know with Succession, everything is top secret so it’s not like he’s giving away anything in his video but we’re going into the time of Tom and Cousin Greg, official, they’re a couple now for all intents and purposes. Or is it a throuple…because Logan? 

Anyway, whatever. We’re not seeing any of this for at least six months. For now the only Greg we’re getting is the Riggins version.