Nick Cannon is expecting another child. We are now halfway through the year. So by the end of the year, he could have at least two or three more children. (Cele|bitchy)


The latest Christopher John Rogers collection is excellent, no surprise. I really love the corseted pieces, especially seeing the design feature in such bold and loud colours. Also those amazingly matte lips – matte to the point of almost-too-dry but not too dry but so matte that the colour becomes a whole different texture. Check out the pink on the model in the 25th shot of the gallery. SO GOOD. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This sounds like a rom-com but it’s a true story: a girl fell into a coma, and during that time her fiancé moved in with a new girlfriend and never once visited her. There have been coma rom-coms before most famously While You Were Sleeping starring Sandra Bullock, in which Sandy pretends to be the fiancée of the man in the coma, played by Peter Gallagher, only to fall in love with his brother, played by Bill Pullman. But this real-life situation is kind of the opposite with the real-life fiancé faking his singleness to meet someone else. I look forward to seeing it, eventually, on Netflix. In the meantime, real coma girl isn’t just telling this story on Netflix. Maybe more fascinating, at least to me, are her videos about getting her period and personal hygiene when you’re in a coma. Very much my kind of content. (Dlisted)


There are some people, like Sarah, who think watching golf on television must be the most boring sh-t ever. I often watch golf on television and am not bored…but probably, at least in these spaces, I’m in the minority. So of course I’m going to watch this movie about a man who has no business golfing trying to play in the British Open. This is basically my husband’s fantasy. (Pajiba) 

The Ringer has compiled a definitive ranking of dinosaurs, lol. I am from Toronto so I’m going to feign outrage about where the Toronto Raptors place on this list and express real outrage that Yoshi doesn’t crack the top five. (The Ringer)