When you first heard the 2008 pop classic Burnin’ Up, featuring lyrics like “Baby who turned the temperature hotter?/ Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up/ For you baby,” did you think that almost a decade later, 2 of the 3 Jonas Brothers would still be relevant? Did you think that baby Jonas, Nick, would be a Golden Globe nominated artist? If you did, please go buy some lottery tickets or something because HOW? No one could have predicted this. I heard Nick’s name read during the nominations this morning and I still had to see it in writing before I believed it. 

Nick Jonas is nominated for a song called Home from a movie called Ferdinand. I didn’t know either of these things existed before this morning. Ferdinand is an animated movie about a bull “with a big heart” voiced by John Cena. You can hear a snippet of Home below. 

What is happening? As Lainey pointed out, how hilarious would it be if Nick Jonas goes on to get an Oscar nomination and win before Justin Timberlake? Is Justin Timberlake somewhere twitching and wishing the attention was on him this morning instead of a Jonas Brother and his wife, Jessica Biel? Yes, Nick winning before JT would be amazing but do we really want Nick Jonas to be an Oscar winner before Lin-Manuel Miranda? Before Mary J. Blige? Before Miguel? Even before Mariah Carey? Before EVERY OTHER ARTIST I CAN THINK OF RIGHT NOW? No disrespect to Nick. He’s a nice kid. I wish him all of the congratulations and happiness on this morning of blessings for him. I hope he enjoys this moment. He’s one of the few nominees who I’ll actually believe when they say, “it’s just an honour to be nominated.”