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Rihanna was trending last week because there was a report that she’d given birth to her second child, a girl. None of the major entertainment news outlets followed though, including TMZ. It was TMZ that had the exclusive last year when RiRi and A$AP Rocky’s son was born. At the time, TMZ only had information that they’d welcome a boy and his birth date; as we all know, it would be a full year before it was revealed that his name is RZA. 


The website that initially reported on the alleged arrival of Rihanna and Rocky’s daughter is not always all that accurate, but one of the reasons people are inclined to believe is because RiRi’s kept a pretty low profile the last couple of weeks. She’s been regularly papped out for dinner or shopping throughout both her pregnancies, so the fact that she’s been more undercover, by her standards at least, is enough for some people to assume that it’s because she’s now a mother of two. And it’s not like she’s not aware of the speculation. Two days ago she took the opportunity to promote a new beauty product: 

You can see in the comments people asking her to confirm the news. 


Today, however, Rihanna is trending for another reason. Nicki Minaj was just on IG Live and was asked about her new album, Pink Friday 2, and whether or not Rihanna would be featured. Her response: 


Of course it was a trick answer. Nicki knows what game she’s playing. Now everyone’s hype about something that may or may not happen but she’s also given herself plausible deniability.

Pink Friday 2 is due out in November. We’ll for sure know by then about Rihanna’s baby. As for the feature, I’m sure Nicki will get the most mileage out of this tease. 

Here are Rihanna and Rocky at Giorgio Baldi at the end of July. 

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