Boyd Holbrook, who is in The Predator with Olivia Munn, has issued a statement. Duana wrote about this yesterday, about how inadequate every other statement has been up to this point. As she said to me this morning, “this is more or less exactly what I said Sterling K Brown should have said, it’s not perfect it’s a F-CK of a lot better than Brown or Key”. (Dlisted) 

There’s a new book coming out about the women of the British royal family – the Queen, Camilla, and Kate. Meghan Markle joined the family after the book idea was conceived, presumably. Anyway, these nicknames are killing me. Camilla is apparently the “Black Queen”. And Kate is the “White Queen”. Because of their respective personalities. Like Camilla is cunning and Kate is pure on the surface, or something? I’m already insulted by whatever colour will be assigned to Royal Meghan when this story gets updated. (Cele|bitchy) 

Yesterday we had Ted Danson on The Social. He is AWESOME. Anyway we asked about Sam on Cheers and whether or not he ever gets sick of being asked about that. And he was like…umm…no. Basically he made money from that show and that character, some of which he donated to environmental causes and also he says he owes Sam and Cheers his entire career so he’ll never be tired of talking about it. Which… I wonder if Robert Pattinson feels the same about Edward Cullen and Twilight? (Pop Sugar) 

Today I interviewed My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Going to try to write about that tomorrow as I’m assigned to the late carpet tonight. Anyway, in short, I love them so much and nothing about my interviews with them last night, also on the late carpet, and today has changed. My Obsession might even be worse. What I’m saying is that I hope one day they make this list of longest surviving celebrity marriages because if they don’t stay together, it will break me. (Pajiba) 

Some gossip about Nicki Minaj that doesn’t involve a shoe but does involve a pinky finger, which is what she had on Lewis Hamilton’s thigh, prompting dating speculation, which didn’t go far because he’s dating Winnie Harlow but it’s an interesting question, at least to me, about that pinky. If you saw a photo of your partner sitting beside someone with their pinky on your partner’s thigh… would you feel a way? (TMZ) 

There are royals walking the runway. Models from aristocrat families are all over the catwalk. I really, really want this to happen one day for Prince Big G. He would insist on wearing every single outfit in the collection and the show would take 10 hours. (Vogue)