Nicki Minaj exploded onto our Twitter timelines and Apple Music on Friday, releasing her new single and video for “Megatron”. Then, we were gifted a new episode of Queen Radio, Nicki’s personal platform, lovefest, beef-cancelling, cocksucker- of-the-day granting, and humour show on Beats 1 Radio. A lot of people who hate Nicki dislike Queen Radio but still listen – she’s clearly doing something right. Nicki has never apologized for who she is, no matter how long people wait, and Queen Radio gives us more of the authenticity her real fans like. 

Nicki begins as Nicki does, an hour into the program, blaming people for her tardiness and yelling that she’s back. She then asks her two DJs if they’re getting a lot of pussy this weekend (only one of many times she hilariously doesn’t mind her business), as they are in LA and it’s BET Awards weekend. 
Then, in a bizarre phone interview, Nicki introduces her famed entertainment music executive Irving Azoff, also a former cocksucker of the day. After retracting her “award”, she explains they are all good now and he’s her new manager. Referring to when she dragged Azoff and his client Travis Scott on Queen Radio last year, she apologized to Azoff, then claimed he deserved it at the time, but now she loves him and he’s her friend. In response, Azoff took it in stride, calling Nicki his queen and referring to both her and Travis Scott as great artists who fight for their charts because it’s showbiz. I remember people caring that she had parted ways with her management in April so this should satisfy anyone who was curious. Now it’s about what this new era of Nicki, under new management, will look like. She’s scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to promote “Megatron”. 

While she and Irving Azoff have moved past their differences, Nicki isn’t about to let it go where Miley Cyrus is concerned, referring to Miley as “Perdue Chicken”, calling out Miley’s lukewarm single “Cattitude” and Miley in general, saying among other things, “Perdue Chickens can never talk sh-t about queens. She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason.” I wrote about this last month and, despite the fact that most of the headlines about Nicki the last few days are related to Miley, none of this is really news. Of course Nicki wouldn’t let Miley get away with the last word – she just had to back it up with new music. Hilariously Perdue Chicken has responded.

Mostly though, the overall tone of the show was positive. Blac Chyna is the next guest, and the interview is fun and flirtatious. Nicki talks openly about threesomes, and asks if she and Chyna would make a good couple, only to say she’s never had a threesome. The juiciest part of the interview is when she attempts to get Chyna to weigh in on the Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods scandal, asking if she could validate Kardashian critics who claim Khloe deserved to be cheated on for the family’s karma with stealing men. Chyna kept it cute and respectful, offering little insight and focusing on promoting her upcoming reality show. 

Next up was rapper Trina, who just released a song featuring Nicki, “Baps”. After a game of F-ck, Marry, Kill, where Trina kills 50 Cent, she puts Nicki on the spot about shooting the video for “Baps”. Nicki seems into doing a video, but randomly proclaims she will not shoot it with a baby bump, and denies being pregnant. Lol. Previously, in a twist I only expect in this show, Nicki tells us that she is getting married to her boyfriend Kenneth Petty, and they have obtained a marriage license, and that she is in a happy place. The best gossip about Nicki is the gossip Nicki creates about herself.