I have to show you these photos, my favourite photos of the day – at least so far. Because they’re batsh-t. Nicolas Cage went out for dinner last night with Crispin Glover. That’s it. Right?!? Batsh-t. But there’s more. Here’s how these shots are captioned by the agency:

“The two actors looked caught up in conversation as they shared cold sake and beer to wash down their gourmet sushi. Nicolas Cage was seen flirting up a storm with a beautiful Asian woman as she sat down next to him at the sushi bar and even introduced himself as Nicolas Cage. The woman seemed surprised to be sitting next to the A-List star and was caught up in conversation with him until her husband showed up to Nicolas Cage’s dismay.”

Look, I don’t know if that’s really how it went down. But it’s funny anyway, especially when you read the description and then look at Nic’s facial expressions in these photos. I mean all of it is amazingly batsh-t. Nicolas Cage and Crispin on their own are each, individually, batsh-t enough. Nic and Crispin together and wondering what their conversations must be like? Totally batsh-t. Nic getting cockblocked by a woman’s husband? Batsh-t everywhere. Best batsh-t ever.