Nicolas Cage is not giving up on love and marriage. I totally forgot that his second marriage was to Patricia Arquette! The name is his next wife is Erika Koike. She’s apparently a makeup artist. She’s also blonde in this photo and looks Asian which is my obsession right now (because, as mentioned, many times now, I’ve always wanted to go full blonde but don’t want to damage my hair) so Nic and I evidently have something in common. (Dlisted) 

You know what I’m so happy about? The fact that we don’t have to tuck things in anymore. None of those office appropriate springtime blouses have to be tucked in that’s a win for everyone. Speaking of office appropriate though – it really depends on the office and what’s “appropriate” for that particular industry. Probably at a law firm you might want to tuck in more than not tuck in? Where I work, I’m in sweatpants every other day. Tonight we have a work event. I’m wearing a men’s shirt, fishnets, and boots. The look I’m going for is “I just had sex and remembered I have to go to a dinner but my clothes are dirty can I borrow your shirt?” (Cele|bitchy) 

Rita Ora is wearing a lot of denim. And you know what? If this was Rihanna wearing all this denim, I’d be like, yeah, it’s Rihanna, no problem. Rita Ora, on the other hand, is not Rihanna. (Go Fug Yourself) 

It is currently 2019. I think this is an obvious but important fact to point out because even today, with all of our technology, technology that can go all the way to Saturn and take pictures of other planets, how the F-CK is it that there are people who still think the Earth is flat?!? (Pajiba) 

This has nothing to do with the story I’m linking to about Kris Humphries who used to be married to Kim Kardashian for like a month or something but I never noticed that he looks like Taylor Lautner. Is this old news? (TMZ) 

Elizabeth Hurley is revisiting her famous Versace safety pin dress only it’s been modified now because if she wore the original, she says it “wouldn’t be appropriate”. Really? Funny how things have changed because that dress, in today’s context, is barely a register compared to the sheer and lace that we’ve seen on red carpets. But, again, an example of how a dress can make a career. (Harpers Bazaar)