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It’s true. I have never loved Nicolas Cage more than I love him in this bonkers photo. I have spent a lot of time over the years thinking about Nicolas Cage and his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley. He was reportedly obsessed with Elvis. And while Graceland is open to tourists, going upstairs at Graceland is strictly forbidden. Only Priscilla and Lisa Marie are allowed. The curator of the museum has to submit a request in writing to Priscilla and Lisa Marie for access if needed, for whatever reason, is timed and monitored on those rare occasions. Nicolas Cage, however, was once granted the privilege. Rumour has it he tried on one of Elvis’s leather jackets…and…um…took a seat on Elvis’s last seat, OMG. (Dlisted) 

I keep cracking up seeing the dudes in the background rubbing their eyes and sticking their fingers in their ears. How do you stand on stage with this idiot and keep a poker face? Could you? I mean that’s the challenge now. Otherwise you become a meme. You become the person with the “WTF” expression standing behind the bloviating megalomaniac at the podium. (Cele|bitchy) 

What happens if a woman over 25 wins this prize? What if she’s over 30? Or, even worse, over 40? What happens to Leonardo DiCaprio when he has to share a table with and speak to two women who are not only over 40 but not models? Has this ever happened before? Maybe one at a time. But two? Or more? (Pop Sugar) 

It’s official: here’s the 2017 Pajiba 10, a list of the “brainiest most lustful celebrities” and… with a bonus – their crowning of the Best Chris. I agree with everyone from #10 - #1. That said, what we have to fight about next is the order. Which is probably the hardest part. Shouldn’t John Cho be higher? And Taika Waititi too? But wait? If you move them up, who would you move down? This is why I don’t deserve good things. (Pajiba) 

Justin Bieber’s “unforeseen circumstances” explained – because how can mortals portend what is divine? These are, apparently, the Mysterious Ways of a higher power and not the dirty ways of the power of Hollywood. I guess? If this is true, I need JB to stay away from Sister Act 2 and Joyful Joyful. (TMZ) 

Are Sansa Stark’s hair and accessories telling a story? Are they signs of darkness? Or, you know, is it simply just… style mood? I feel like hair and accessories are like tea leaves. With some people, the hair especially always gives it away. Tell that to the next whiny baby who complains on a red carpet about being asked about clothes. (Harper's Bazaar) 

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