Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were also at the TIME 100 gala last night. They looked as good as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban can look (I swear that’s a compliment) in matching black. They did their classic “we’re more in love than anyone else in the world” red carpet PDA and I’m not mad at it. At least they’re consistent. We can always rely on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to bring the schmaltz. 

Nicole and Keith love love. They may love love more than Jennifer Lopez loves love and we all know that’s A LOT. Their deep, unabashed love of love was on full display at the Time 100 gala last night but I want to rewind to yesterday when Keith posted this on Instagram: 


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“Maybe it’s time we put our hearts in a parallel line.” 


I mean this with no disrespect but did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit? Do you want to go back to the red carpet PDA? Even if this was a video of my best friend and her husband (who also happens to be a musician), I think the sweetness would still make me a little nauseous. But wait, there’s more. PEOPLE has a full breakdown of how this moment happened.
Keith was playing at an event for his new album Graffiti U. I’m going to leave that name alone. It’s too much. So, Keith is at the event talking about a song on the album written by Ed Sheeran when Nicole interrupts him from the back of the room. This is how PEOPLE describes the moment: 

… a woman in the back interrupted.
“Play it!” she yelled.
Urban stopped, smiled and chuckled. “I know that voice anywhere.”

I’ve decided the only way to get through this post is to pretend I am reading a corny romance novel. I am already 100% more entertained. Nicole, being the shy, wallflower that she is – like so many female leads in sh-tty romance novels—is so reluctant to join Keith on stage that he basically has to beg her with, “Come on, baby.

If this were a romance novel, I would power through because “Come on, baby” is usually followed by a sex scene and the whole reason we read romance novels is for the dirty parts. Try to tell me otherwise. 

Nicole gets up on stage to a waiting stool beside Keith and magically a tech shows up to put a mic in front of her. How convenient! Now, we’ve arrived at the part in the story when Nicole and Keith start singing. Let’s revisit that magical moment, shall we? 


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According to the PEOPLE account, Nicole proceeded to “[bury] her face in her hands.” Again, I need you to read the next part in full. 


Then, after accepting a warm kiss and embrace from her husband, she retook the microphone to offer a disclaimer: “I’m so embarrassed!”
“You did it, though,” Urban beamed. “I love that!”

Nicole could have just stood in the back of the room and not made her presence known. She also could have laughed off Keith’s coaxing to join him on stage. She didn’t. She got up there and sang. She sounded great. They were being very on brand as lovey, dovey love birds who love harder than all the love in the world. There’s that consistency I can appreciate. So why the embarrassment? I don’t actually think that Nicole was embarrassed. 
I think that she LOVED this moment. Nicole and Keith have “performed” together on Instagram before. Going back to the red carpet PDA, I think that they want us to know how in love they are and how many songs on the album Keith wrote for Nicole. It’s actually brilliant marketing. Here’s the hook: When you’re listening to the album, you get even more of the Nicole and Keith love story! It’s just like your favourite romance novel, without the sex!