Last week, after the Hollywood premiere of Being the Ricardos, I wrote about Nicole Kidman and how Keith Urban hadn’t joined her on any of the red carpets for the film up to that point. As I said in that post though, it wasn’t about their relationship but about Oscar strategy. Nicole and Javier Bardem are promoting themselves as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and whether or not the press tour fit with Keith’s own professional schedule, it’s probably more effective during award season, especially in the North American market, for Nicole and Javier to campaign together as a twosome.


We’re now ten days to Christmas, and Nicole and Keith are in Sydney. And the Australian premiere of Being the Ricardos. Javier Bardem did not make the trip. It’s a long way to travel, so it’s the Nicole and Keith show, as they’re home for the holidays, and it’s probably extra special for the hometown crowd that this was the red carpet they showed up together for. 

At this point, it’s looking like a lock for Nicole for a Best Actress Oscar nomination. According to the predictions experts at Gold Derby, Nicole has the second most votes to make it onto the list of the final five, after Kristen Stewart. Those two spots are probably the most secure at this point in the season. The other three spots, in my opinion, are still in play between five others. We’ll get to that in the next post. In the meantime, enjoy Nicole in green, which I always do, and her hair in curls. 


Also try to enjoy Taika Waititi and Rita Ora who also attended the premiere. As far as I know, Taika has nothing to do with Being the Ricardos but he’s a big name and they always want big names at movie premieres and, well, these two never met a red carpet they didn’t love. Taika is based in Australia so it looks like he and Rita will be spending their first holiday season together there as they come up on a year of dating. Probably never would have predicted it but, as we’ve seen, they really are kinda perfect for each other. Attention loves attention.