You know what I had in Memphis? Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, the best f-cking fried chicken I have ever had in my life. I also had sweet potato pancakes for the first time. Last week it was Sasha’s turn to talk travel. This week it’s my experience in the south. Also, Sasha’s rethinking Gwyneth Paltrow. And then we have to tell someone to get over herself. On this week’s episode of Sasha Answers

You know how, let’s say, 15 years ago people didn’t want to admit that they met their girlfriends or boyfriends or eventual spouses online? Like through an online dating site? And now it’s like no big? Aren’t we there already with “Instagram models”? Or do we have, maybe, five years to go? If you ask Naomi Campbell this question she might yell “NEVER!” in your face and hurt you. But, come on, realistically, all models from this point forward will probably come from Instagram…or whatever app comes next. (Dlisted) 

I started baking this year. Like cakes. Like from scratch, not out of a box. So far just really easy recipes. A few weeks ago I tried a layer cake. Two small cakes separated by a layer of icing in between. God, the stress of it. It’s hard to get it so that the crumbs don’t get all over the white. And then I decided to ice the outside of it which was even more stressful. I almost cried. In the end it turn out OK. But I look at a cake like Nicole Kidman’s and I wonder how many tears went into making it. So many layers! And one GIGANTIC layer! (Just Jared) 

What IS a good word that means “childfree by choice”? Aside from “selfish”. Or “self-absorbed”. Or “lazy”. I am all of those things. “Barren-ness” as a homonym to “baroness made me laugh (that is probably the first time I’ve used the word “homonym” in 25 years), as one woman in this article suggested, but it’s insensitive. That word, “barren” is so loaded, especially considering that there are many woman who don’t have children but didn’t get to make that choice. So… can we come up with a word? Any suggestions? (Refinery29) 

Yes. Still true. Heidi Klum’s street style is far superior to the f-cksh-t she wears on the red carpet. It’s been like this for a long time. Which is weird. Because she’s supposed to be able to look good in anything. And even she can’t make some of those red carpet dresses look good. Heidi is, as you know, not Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite. Because she was never in Paris. What would Heidi Klum look like in Chanel though? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you heard of speed-duetting? Look it up. It’s like speed-dating but you do it in a karaoke booth at 10 minute intervals. I think it’s hilarious. And if I were single I’d totally be into it. Until someone stepped into my booth and started singing John Mayer or Ed Sheeran. PASS. Anyway, with that in mind, if you meet at speed-duet, is duet-sexing the next step? (Jezebel) 

I love Zoe Kazan. And I wish more of you would love her. As you know, if you’ve been reading this blog regularly for some time, I also love Zoe + Paul Dano. If they broke up I would be devastated. Zoe’s in The Big Sick, opening this weekend, for those of us who miss a good summer rom-com. I’ll be there on Saturday. And then I’ll be at The Beguiled on Sunday. You? (W Magazine)