There are black and white dresses…and then there are truly special black and white dresses. And this Armani Privé on Nicole Kidman is one of the most special black and white dresses we’ve seen all season. In many seasons, actually. Of course few people can wear the sh-t out of a truly special dress than Nicole. She can elevate an ordinary one. And then she can set a carpet on fire in a spectacular one. This is breathtaking, non? 

Like an inverted calla lily, right? 

Think of the exquisite design elements that go into holding that one side open, in bloom, while still looking wearable, like clothing instead of like furniture. And, of course, when a dress is this magical, you don’t need to do much else around it. Nicole, naturally, knows this. Which is why the hair and makeup are dialed back. Let the dress do its job.