The Country Music Awards were last night. Nicole Kidman was there with Keith Urban. Her dress is okay, his shoes are…a choice. (Go Fug Yourself)


I rather like the Danish royals, they seem lowkey and drama free. Well, until now. There’s a rumor circulating that Crown Prince Frederik had an affair with a Spanish woman. Frederik and his Australian-born wife, Crown Princess Mary, have been married for nearly twenty years, in any couple, I wouldn’t be shocked by a bout of straying after so long a relationship, but I’ve always liked Frederik and Mary, they have a real meet cute love story. This rumor is somewhat of a bummer, if true. (Celebitchy)

Let Werner Herzog’s voice of doom and poetic prophecies lull you during these troubled times. Seriously, I love listening to Herzog’s narration—the “nihilistic penguin” is a particular favorite. Supposedly, he asked about penguin insanity because he found the penguin scientist he was interviewing dead boring. True story: I pitched both Funny Or Die and College Humor on a sketch where Werner Herzog—famous hater of fine dining—rated local diners in various cities but they both rejected it. A shocking lack of taste from both of them! (Pajiba)


Is anyone surprised that Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie is dead? The chief reason given for the current state of things at Marvel is that Feige is spread too thin, he doesn’t need to be making movies for other people right now, he needs to get his own house back in order. (Slashfilm)

Reese Witherspoon’s rep had to issue a statement that she is NOT dating Kevin Costner. That relationship would actually make a lot of sense, though. They both like to pretend they’re “country” people, they’ve both been through divorces this year (hers quieter than his). There is logic to this! (Page Six)