There’s been some controversy over designer sneakers being sold for over $500 that look used and are held together with tape. Some people think it’s fetishising poverty. I won’t weigh in on that debate because I have another question: why do people love spending money on old, roughed up sh-t or new sh-t that’s been roughed up to look old? Like distressed furniture. Try telling my ma that a drawer set with scratches and grooves all over it is worth a small fortune. She would look at you with so much contempt. (Dlisted) 

The Russo Brothers challenged nerds online to guess something about Avengers 4 by posting a photo. I suck at these games so I just go straight to the part where other people do the work and then I get to find out the answer. The answer is the title of the movie. Which … does this mean everyone who got disappeared into little black flakes will be reassembled? Does this mean Hawkeye has to come back? (Pajiba)

Drake might be postponing some shows on the weekend because of “production issues”. I feel like “production issues” happen to Drake more often than other artists, is it just me? Beyoncé and Jay-Z have an elevator on their tour and Taylor Swift got stuck on one of her floating baskets during one of her shows and performed almost an entire show in the pouring rain and was not delayed by production issues. What are Drake’s production issues? (TMZ) 
This Marie Claire cover of Nicole Kidman feels like a throwback. The font, the colour, the styling – if you told me it was from the 80s, I would believe you. And I quite like it. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Kate Hudson is so pregnant that I feel pregnant just watching her. I also feel like she’s been pregnant for a long, long time. Right? She and Goldie Hawn are really, really, really cute together. But then again, Goldie has been cute forever. She will never not be cute. (Cele|bitchy) 

OMGGGG I can’t wait to read this! It’s Rounders, an oral history! John Malkovich in this movie. We used to play poker all the time, every weekend. We used to walk around imitating John Malkovich in Rounders all the time. “Thees son of beetch all night, he cheeyek cheeyek cheeyek me!” (The Ringer)