Can’t wait for Air 2: That Time We Tried to Warn Adidas About Kanye. (DListed)

Maria name-checked Offset today, and in related news, a suspect has been indicted in the November 2022 murder of Takeoff. (Popsugar)


Interesting observation here that the amfAR Gala at Cannes is not as well attended as it used to be, at least in terms of A-list star power. I am fascinated by the life cycles of these kinds of “fixture” social events. People bitch about the Met Gala not being what it once was, but I would argue what the Met Gala has sacrificed in exclusivity, they’ve gained in popularity—the event is covered like the Oscars now. (It’s also still pretty exclusive, with a guest list well under 1,000, thanks to space limitations inside the Met. The gala can only ever be so big.) The amfAR Gala at Cannes was once the highlight of the festival, but it feels like in the last few years, momentum has shifted to the Chopard party. Anyway, the models still turned out for AmfAR. (Go Fug Yourself)

HBO Max is now just Max, and the changeover has been plagued with technical issues. I am begging everyone to get your apps updated before Sunday night and the Succession finale! (Celebitchy)


This week in Hot Food Goss, the Los Angeles restaurant Horses—in case you thought “The Bear” was an exaggeration of how stupid restaurant names can be, it isn’t—is the epicenter of major divorce drama which now threatens to take down one of LA’s hottest eateries. Chef power couple Liz Johnson and Will Aghajanian are splitting up, and Johnson has accused Aghajanian of some pretty heinous things, including (allegedly) killing several of their cats. An in-depth report this week adds to the pile, including allegations of racism, Aghajanian spurring on abuse of animal corpses in the kitchen, and ignoring customers’ allergy requests. Meanwhile, Aghajanian is accusing Johnson of smearing him in order to gain sole control of Horses. However, Aghajanian seems to at least partially admit to the allegations of cat abuse, which has basically sealed his fate in the court of public opinion. Rule #1 of the internet, dude. Don’t f-ck with cats. (Grubstreet)