I’m still trying to get used to this hairstyle on Nina Dobrev. It’s not new. She’s had it like this for at least a couple of months now. But she does change it up a lot. Sometimes it’s wavy with the fringe pushed slightly off to the side, like this: 

Sometimes it’s pulled back, like this: 

I think I like it best though the way she’s wearing it in the photos attached to this post – straight, bangs blunt, right across. It’s the kind of look that you can turn into a signature, the way Anna Wintour’s done with her hair. It would be a really interesting style move from Nina. For a year or so. Hair like this, always, day in and day out. Sometimes, that’s the commitment you make when you’re making a style statement, non? Because most people would get bored. The ones who can stick with it often emerge as the ones who have It. 

Here’s Nina last night at the Whitney Art Party. Normally I would hate this kind of matching. But on this outfit, and this strange, interesting, gorgeous dress, it totally works. It works too because you can’t look away from the hair.