What stood out to me about these two outfits on Nina Dobrev is that I don’t think I would have predicted that she’d pick them before I saw her in them. This dress and the jumpsuit, they don’t seem like her regular style vibe. So if this is a new style vibe, I’m totally in.

Let’s start with the black and white dress, never a bad colour combination. Can we call these polka dots? Technically there are only three dots. But the point of the three dots is to evoke a polka dot pattern without actually being a pattern. I love this. And I love that little flip lip at the collar that kinda elevates the top the of the dress. 

As for the denim jumpsuit, obviously the key detail is the big shoulder. SO good. My only gripe is that I’m not crazy about the shoe choice. Not sure the square toe white slingback is working here. A straight pump would have been better, non?