Last week Bradley Cooper and Laura Dern went out for lunch and everyone online started talking about whether or not they could be possible, like romantically. Anything is possible but as I wrote in that post, it’s probably more likely that they were talking about work. 

This week Bradley met up with Anna Wintour for dinner. And the internet got ridiculous again, speculating that there might be a love connection… 

…SERIOUSLY?! When we do this, it’s bad for gossip. Very bad for gossip. It undermines gossip, it makes gossip look stupid – and gossip is NOT stupid. This speculation, however, about Bradley and Anna, is very, very stupid. 

Bradley is single now. It’s been just over a month since it was confirmed that he and Irina Shayk broke up. I get that, because he’s so famous, we’re in a rush to see who he’ll date next, but it’s not Anna Wintour. First of all, they’ve known each other a while. He was on the Met Gala host committee this year. They run into each other often at fashion shows. Here they are seated next to each other in 2014:


Here’s Anna, hanging out with Coop and Suki Waterhouse, his girlfriend at the time:


Anna and Coop are both Roger Federer fans and they’ve watched Federer at Wimbledon together, with Irina Shayk: 


Seems like Anna’s seen Bradley through a few model girlfriends. Maybe that’s what they talked about over dinner. Maybe Anna’s making recommendations on everything from romantic possibilities to style. Because here’s the thing – if they were actually a thing (and they are NOT), would Bradley Cooper actually dress like this to dinner with Anna Wintour? 

In other Coop news, he and Lady Gaga were nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards this week for “Shallow” for Song of the Year and Collaboration of the Year. Needless to say, there’s all kinds of hope that they’ll show up together, at which point everyone can start freaking out again about Jackson and Ally IRL – and as unrealistic as that is, it’s still more probable than Bradley and Anna, FFS.