The Color Purple press tour is on, and no one is wearing purple. (Go Fug Yourself)


Omid Scobie’s Endgame is out, and everyone is being super normal about it. The book includes a detail that Duchess Meghan named “two racists” in a letter to then-Prince Charles. Well, a Dutch translation of Endgame apparently leaves something to be desired, as it “named” Prince Charles as one of the royal racists, specifically the one who brought up Archie’s skin color. The current Dutch translation is being pulled, obviously, as no one is assuming anything other than this is an error. Like Omid Scobie would blow a scoop—one he is apparently unwilling to reveal himself—in such fashion. (Celebitchy)

Bizarre accessories including a toad purse and rat shoes just in time for your holiday shopping! (I’m already done with mine, she said in an archly superior tone of voice.) (OMG Blog)


Does Chris Evans know how to wear headphones? Alex Zalben investigates! (Decider)

The Weather Man is not a “good” movie, but it certainly provokes a lot of thought, as evidenced by this insightful essay by Peter Raffel about Nicolas Cage, Chicago, growing up, and gaining perspective. I identify with not recognizing the Chicago people hear about versus the Chicago I live in, and also the bit about how the winter wind makes you want to die. All my winters in LA, I would purposefully go to the beach in February just to enjoy not being cold, and now that I live in Chicago again, well, I still f-cking hate the winter. Just the worst. (Bright Wall/Dark Room)