Dear Gossips, 


Patrick Dempsey?!


Hats off to PEOPLE Magazine because no one was predicting Patrick Dempsey, at least not in 2023. When I was doing this in the 2000s, when we were all about McDreamy and Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick was always on my list, especially in 2006 when I called him the frontrunner but predicted a dark horse instead, and I was right because it ended up being Matt Damon, who I forecast correctly that year


Patrick was constantly the runner-up for SMA and now, almost 20 years later, it’s…finally his time?! I mean even he knows this because he says in his Sexiest Man Alive feature that “I’ve always been the bridesmaid”. 

I mean, when you put it that way, like pulling on the sympathy vote, I guess it’s hard to be mad. Is anyone mad? Well, read the first comment under that post: 

“So you gonna tell me that there is a Pedro Pascal alive and you choose this…?”


OK so it’s another white guy. But … you know… it’s PEOPLE, they have a MiniVan Majority to consider. And Patrick does look really, REALLY good. His hair has always been marvelous. 

Now let me end this in the most annoying way – I told you it wouldn’t be Travis Kelce. 

Yours in gossip, 


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