Sasha is mad at me about her shoes. But, as I tell her on this week’s episode of the Sasha Answers podcast, we’ve now had a few examples of those shoes not exactly bringing good luck. What I forgot to say about the shoes is that you either slide in them (which is why they have that name) and that’s never an attractive – or safe – way to walk or you walk around making a “flap-flap” sound which, to me, calls attention to the bottom of your feet. And then I wonder if they smell. But, look, I’m not here to stand in the way of you and the slide. All I’m saying is that I think they might be cursed. 

I thought Vanessa Hudgens did a good job hosting the Billboard Awards a few weeks ago. Maybe there was too much singing and rapping but at least she can actually sing and she was comfortable as a presenter. I know you know what (who) I’m talking about in comparison. So she surprised us in Grease Live. And she was not bad at all at Billboard. And now there’s a new job. And so the only logical next question is: does this mean she can take Coachella off the career schedule now, for f-ck’s sake. (Dlisted)

On the one hand, I want to tell Noel Gallagher to shut the f-ck up. Because it’s old people whinging about young people. On the other hand, where would we be if people like Noel Gallagher couldn’t be their true selves, their true c-nts? Noel Gallagher is being a c-nt about Harry Styles’s musicality. Which means that Noel Gallagher is going to find out just how c-nty Harry Styles’s fanbase can be. So c-nting is alive and well. And I’m not mad about it. (Just Jared) 

I don’t have any objection to these new bikini bottoms. They remind me of Grey Gardens and Little Edie and that’s never a problem. My objection is mostly some of the colours. Please do not buy the lavender coloured one. Only Little Edie should be wearing a colour like that. But also? If you’re going to go with this style of swimwear, why not just try a one-piece? Do you know how cute one-pieces are now? And how there’s so much more variety in them than standard bikinis? You have a lot more fashion options in a one-piece too. Please consider. (Refinery29) 

Gucci is having a moment. Actually it’s had about 4 moments, back to back to back to back. And that moment streak continues with the new collection. It’s not exactly a departure from the Gucci direction we’ve seen the last couple of years but my GOD, that pyjama suit is my life right now and the red piping on Soko’s outfit is gorgeous. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Grading women’s magazines on diversity. And let’s be clear off the top: there’s been some improvement but there’s still a LOT of improvement that’s still on the table so of course, yes, they can do better. But of all the magazines and of all the scores here, guess which magazine got the lowest grade? It happens to be the magazine that chose Gwyneth Paltrow to be on one of its covers. Coincidence or conspiracy? (Jezebel) 

I have a friend who doesn’t like Andrew Garfield. I quite like Andrew Garfield. Do we have to hold it against him that he worked with Mel Gibson? If you are holding it against him, does this make it better? Andrew Garfield doing Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman. I appreciate the timing of the backflip. I also appreciate the enthusiasm. He might not have a wide variety of moves but he was there to entertain, he was there to put on a show, to honour the event. Would Leonardo f-cking DiCaprio have done this? (Entertainment Weekly)