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September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Did you know that September is also, unofficially, Feel Bad for Sexual Harasser’s Month? This is not a f-cking joke. Harper’s Magazine, The New York Review of Books, and New York Magazine have all published features by or about men who’ve been called out by the #MeToo campaign. It’s thousands upon thousands of words about, I dunno, why we should be talking about whether or not they’ve been treated unfairly and when they’ll be allowed to not be untreated unfairly anymore, or something. 

We are just over two weeks away from October 5, the one year anniversary of The New York Times and The New Yorker breaking the Harvey Weinstein story, kicking off what I called the Predator Advent Calendar, exposing decades of abuse by powerful men in the entertainment industry and beyond. So it hasn’t even been a full year that the experience of victims of sexual harassment has been given the space it deserves in the public consciousness. But that’s long enough, OK? It’s time to let the men have their say again. Is it though? Michelle Goldberg is answering this question with another one in The New York Times:

You may feel bad for #MeToo men. But “do they feel bad for women?

Tonight. Emmys. Sandra Oh has already made history by becoming the first Asian woman ever to be nominated for lead actress in the drama series category. Will she make even more history by winning? Well, she’s an underdog. Elisabeth Moss seems to be the clear frontrunner. Keri Russell is also a possibility for her performance in Duana’s beloved The Americans. Our team will be watching and then working through the night for full Emmys coverage starting with the first post around 130am ET and pushing right into the morning. So join us if you’re up late too. Or hit us up early tomorrow to get caught up on all our articles and photos. 

Here’s Sandra this weekend at a couple of pre-Emmy events before the big carpet tonight. 

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