There’s usually a good black suit modelled by a celebrity every week. I’m never bored of a women’s black suit. Any suit. Some suits are better than others though. And this week, Noomi Rapace gave us one of the best black suits of the year at the British Fashion Awards. 

Look at this jacket. The distinguishing feature is how it’s cut around the sides. But also how it’s cut in front. It’s not cropped at the front. Which is why it’s different from, like, a toastmaster coat that’s quite short in the vest area before turning into tails at the back. That’s not what Noomi’s jacket is doing. Noomi’s jacket is almost like bomber length in the front, with a few extra inches around the sides and back. It’s SO good. And it’s good for those of us who don’t like to wear things at the waist. I like my ass covered. I don’t like the draft that goes up your back otherwise. 

Definitely buying the knock-off in two months when it shows up in two months. Or less.