Do you know who the British Royal Magnificent Seven are? The word “magnificent” is a stretch here, apparently, because some people have pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be all that much excitement about the allegedly magnificent royal seven. And that’s an issue for the royal PR team. How will they make the case that these seven people are indeed as magnificent as they want people to think they are? (Cele|bitchy)


Ryan Fischer, the dog walker who was shot while with Lady Gaga’s dogs, is recovering and has posted on Instagram about his ordeal. What shines through is his love for dogs, so much love! I’d never visited his IG page before but I’ve just spent half an hour reading his dog stories – he adores them, they adore him, and hopefully they’ll all be reunited soon. (Dlisted)

Like the FUG Girls, I really like what InStyle did to update their award season Style Elevator…virtually. And now I’m trying to imagine what I would have done in the virtual style elevator. Probably the same sh-t I always do, which is try and make sure my dogs don’t get in the shot but they’ll end up in the shot. I have famewhore dogs who insist on being on camera. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This deep fake sh-t is f-cking crazy. I can’t tell the difference – and it’s terrifying what this could mean in the future. Or, probably, in the now. Like an asshole though, I thought to myself… would I want to be deep-faked into romantic scenes with actors I have a crush on? There’s a Korean actor I’m currently obsessed with and he’s a very good kisser and, LOL, I’m like… um… I could definitely watch a scene in which the digital me is kissed by this dude. But then again, it’s not like I’d actually feel it. How satisfying would it be?! (Pajiba) 

The Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ate a lot of sh-t leading up to the Globes for their alleged mismanagement and lack of diversity. If they weren’t about to change as a result of the criticism, this might be the thing that gets them to act – the ratings were abysmal. (Vanity Fair)