This is for Kate who had 15 wonderful years with Sondheim. I know it was unexpected but the way you described his last day, spending it with his people, having his demands fulfilled, and knowing he was loved… he left with no regrets. And he’ll be helping others of his kind now at the Vet College at the University of Guelph, so he’s leaving a legacy. That’s a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing the life lessons that Sondheim taught you. They are indeed worth passing along here. And by request, for Alex, here are Gillian Anderson and Helen Mirren. I’ll let Sarah and Pancake know that Sondheim was a fan – the best endorsement ever. Take care of your heart. I won’t lie and tell you that it will heal. It never does. I don’t know about you but I prefer it that way. This is the kind of scar I don’t mind. They teach us so much, loving them and losing them should be marked on us forever. 


Sondheim’s Life Lessons: 

1. Sleep whenever you are tired.

2. Eat whenever you are hungry.

3. Get love and cuddles every day.

4. Share your excitement when you make a poop!

5. Congratulate yourself with food for making a poop. 

6. Enjoy the great outdoors and the fresh air.

7. Seek out the sunshine.

8. Be silly and make lots of time for play.

9. Don't worry about people pleasing or being nice.

10. Let others know your boundaries and when they've crossed them.

11. Have a daily routine.

12. Shake up your routine. Tired of sleeping at the bottom of the bed? Trick your human into getting up so you can sleep on his pillow!

13. Inspect all food others are eating in case there is something you want.

14. Stretch often.

15. When you're angry about injustice, keep yelling, make noise, and even knock over valuables until the situation is fixed. (In Sondheim's case, when you don't have food in your bowl at 3am.)