Donna – I’m sorry to hear about William. You keep asking me if it gets better. I don’t know that I can say it does because you will miss him forever but I can say that eventually you’ll be able to laugh about him. You’ll laugh at the “giant, stupid, happy, beautiful boy” who was your life for 12 years. That’s the thing, right? They’re so stupid! And you love them for it! Marcus was our first heartbreak together and he was such a grumpy, selfish idiot – and only we know all the times when he was that much of an asshole who got the best and gave the best. It cracked me up when I read the part of your message where you said that William agreed with you that Thor is the best Avenger because the way you describe him is how I would describe Thor. I look at those big sweet eyes and I see a goofy hero who’s on to his next adventure. Don’t forget, though, that his first adventure as an Avenger was with you.