For Shelby who spent her last moments with Pam and for Pam who had the honour of being with Shelby at the end – it’s not easy but, in my opinion, this is the kindest, most loving way to say goodbye. After all they bring to us in the short time they’re here, when possible, they deserve those final moments in the arms of the people they adored. Which is what you gave her, Pam… because she DEMANDED it! What a great character she must have been. 

Ellie White is 6 years old, from Montreal, who is battling a rare form of leukemia. Ellie needs a bone marrow transplant but they can’t find a match. The community is rallying to save her life and the lives of others around the world who may be in the same situation. 


If you are able, please visit the Gift of Life registry or Canadian Blood Services
The process is quick and easy. For more on Ellie’s story, please click here