King Charles is now in Scotland for an extended mourning period now that London Bridge has been fully executed. It was a pretty full schedule for him the last ten days or so; he’s nearing his 74th birthday, the oldest monarch to assume the British throne, so I’m sure they want to properly pace him. But he can’t rest for too long either because, well, a transfer of power is often a time of instability and the questions that were raised during the Queen’s reign will for sure persist during his. In fact, those questions might even be more urgent now once the goodwill from the funeral wears off. (Cele|bitchy) 


Lil Nas X was a disruptor from the moment he made his own way in the music industry via TikTok less than three years ago. He’s always known how to use social media to great effect, and this time he’s taking it to the streets, exposing homophobia with pizza, kindness, and a little flirtation. (Dlisted)

Veils were big on the Erdem runway – and not with gowns but with pantsuits and overcoats and floral dresses that are not bridal. I love this energy because I do love a veil and why can’t we get to a place where we can wear veils with pants? It’s extra, no doubt. But everything is extra these days. Where can I wear a veil? Can I do a veil with jeans at my birthday dinner? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Conan O’Brien and Jack McBrayer’s friendship is so pure and sweet and healing. (Pajiba) 

The latest food trend, apparently, is the butter board. Like a charcuterie board but butter is the star. I want to try one. I don’t want to make one, but I want to show up somewhere and there’s a butter board and… is it like a dip? Is butter the dip?! (Eater)