Another day, another *NSYNC headline. Yesterday everyone jumped on the story about them recreating a photo from back in the early days. PEOPLE covered it, EW covered it, it was in Rolling Stone, you get the point. 


Today, it’s Hot Ones. The Hot Ones episode featuring all five members – Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Justin Timberlake – will drop later today and a teaser for their appearance has been shared…


…which of course has been picked up by the usual outlets cited above and more. And it’s not just about the band, every single post about *NSYNC the last couple of weeks is accompanied by the mention that they reunited on a new single, from the new Trolls movie. 

Technically, as we know, music is not on strike. But movies are on strike – and this music is in support of a movie! Somehow, though, because they’re representing themselves as musicians, this means they can get out there and promote the music that they made for the movie, while including one of the ACTORS in the movie?! 


I’m sure someone somewhere will be able to justify it on paper. I’m sure our precious Justin Timberlake would never, ever, ever cross the line. He’s so pure, after all, and always puts the needs of others before himself. I’m just saying it feels weird to me. Maybe it’s just me. 

Anyway, *NSYNC’s new song, “Better Place”, is coming out next Friday, September 29. The new Trolls movie comes out November 17. But remember, the band – of which at least three members, Justin, Joey, and Lance are SAG members – is only here to talk about the SONG. Not the movie. Just the song. That’s connected to the movie. 

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