Dear Gossips,

Get ready for it. There’s a big story that might be breaking soon. And even though it doesn’t involve a movie star proper, this is someone who’s worked with many, many movie stars. Who has made movie stars. Which means, if this scandal is as potentially explosive as it seems right now, we’ll be talking about the implications for months.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive yesterday, both The New York Times and The New Yorker are working on stories about Harvey Weinstein, specifically about his “personal behaviour”. Variety followed up with a report specifying that the publications are expected to be “detailing sexual allegations and improper workplace behaviour against him”. And that “some women making the charges are believed to be on the record”. Apparently the New York Times has been in contact with “dozens of current and former employees of Weinstein” and they could also have access “internal human resources documents”.

When THR reached out to Harvey for comment, he was all swagger:

"The story sounds so good, I want to buy the movie rights."

Perhaps he’s not worried because over the last few weeks, he’s been lining up a formidable legal team and securing the services of the best crisis management specialists in the business. And he’ll need it, as per Variety, Jodi Kantor, a respected and experienced journalist, is working on the story for The New York Times and Ronan Farrow has supposedly been on it for The New Yorker for almost a year. The NYT and The New Yorker aren’t exactly The National Enquirer and the Daily Mail.

Neither publication has confirmed what they’re publishing – or if they’re even publishing anything at all but Variety claims that one of the pieces could come as early as this week. If, that is, they’re not intimidated by Harvey’s reputation. Because Harvey Weinstein has long been known to be one of the most aggressive and intimidating power players in Hollywood, even without all the legal support that he’s already said to have enlisted. Also, not that the timing for this sh-t is ever great, but it’s especially unfortunate, where he’s concerned, because we’re just getting started on Oscar season. And Harvey is always a factor during Oscar season. This season, The Weinstein Company has three films that could be contenders: the critically acclaimed Wind River, The Current War, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, and The Upside which Joanna wrote during TIFF could have a “Blind Side” appeal to it for awards season. If – and it’s still a big IF right now – these two stories come out, Harvey’s personal drama will overshadow all of those projects. This, obviously, is not the priority discussion topic where Harvey is concerned should this story break, but as I mentioned off the top, the reverberations around any possible scandal will be wide, affecting so many different corners of the business.

The main corner, however, will be how the rest of Hollywood will react to whatever the NYT and The New Yorker have planned. Do you remember Rose McGowan’s tweet last year?

It was believed that Rose was referring to Robert Rodriguez, her former fiancé, whose film Planet Terror was distributed by Miramax (Harvey’s company).

This is what Rose tweeted yesterday, presumably after hearing about these imminent Harvey Weinstein stories, and repurposing his quote:

Note Asia Argento’s response to that tweet. It was Harvey Weinstein who gave Asia her first English-speaking role back in the 90s and then guided her career. Both Rose and Asia have much lower profiles in Hollywood now than they used to. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Keeping a very close watch on this one.

Yours in gossip,