How quickly could you get used to having over $130,000 deposited into your bank account every month? And by “get used to” I mean actually spend it, like flagrantly? I want to say that I wouldn’t be irresponsible. That I wouldn’t immediately just start throwing money at luxury trips and designer clothes and a bigger house. That I would be smart about my finances. But I know myself. I can adapt. I am quite certain that I’d adapt very efficiently to that amount of money. And that I would have to adapt once again to not having that much money after spending it. (Dlisted) 

We took our dogs with us to the polling station when we last voted too. Only our dogs can’t be tied up outside all by themselves because they are hooligans and would have disturbed the entire neighbourhood. But look at these well-behaved patient voting dogs! So civilised! (Cele|bitchy) 

I have now added this dress onto my list of items that I must own. I think I’ve mentioned that over the last year, Coach’s ready-to-wear has been really, really good, right? Really cute sweaters, bombers, and dresses. Also shoes. I wonder if this comes in another colour. Like green. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Lordy! This was the show of the day. Seriously. It was like a celebrity event. Cameras were following his car from home to the hearing. It was a full-blown takeover. On conventional media. On social media. And then there’s the after-show, with people using their ears in a different way to interpret what we all heard.  (TMZ) 

Prince Harry hasn’t even proposed to Meghan Markle yet (that we know of). And already people are talking about a baby schedule. Can we just get to a wedding schedule first? Can we just obsess over the dress and the ring and all of that first? (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

Twitter comes through again, this time for Obama x Trudeau. These memes are delightful. But, really, the best one is at the bottom. (Time)