Charlie Hunnam was at TIFF for two films last week, True History of the Kelly Gang and Jungleland, premiering last Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively. He came in a couple of days early for press and last Monday night he was at the Joker party and I got some gossipy observations from there that I forgot to tell you about so here we are. 

At one point in the night, Charlie was talking to Lindsay Shookus, Saturday Night Live producer and Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend. Ben and Charlie worked together on Triple Frontier, perhaps that’s how they know each other. According to my source who watched them interact for about half an hour, “She was coming on to him soooo hard and he kept backing away, with his hands behind his back. She kept touching him too.” 

Some people are touch-talkers without meaning it to be romantically suggestive. Maybe Lindsay is a touch-talker? She reached out to touch his shoulder, his chest, light grazes, as he stood there, engaged in conversation, but his hands remained behind his back. Lindsay books talent on SNL. Perhaps she was convincing Charlie he’d be great on the show? A Million Little Pieces, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, based on James Frey’s book, will be released in December. Charlie has a supporting role. So…it’s possible? I just don’t know that, beyond his fan club, anyone’s been waiting around for Charlie to host SNL. But that’s what Lindsay does – sees what we don’t, who’d work well and even surprise in the sketch format. Is that what they were talking about and nothing more?